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Victoria Sandwich

一块黄油,香草香味蛋糕,用甜果酱(往往奶油)夹着,是英国丘陵经典。在这个版本中,还添加了馅料的新鲜覆盆子,提供馅饼,与甜果酱的多汁对比。务必彻底花时间粉刷黄油和糖 - 这是必要的步骤为蛋糕提供升力和良好的结构。

Strawberry Tiramisu



Rich, barely bitter caramel, deeply toasted nuts, and chewy figs combine in a buttery crust for a dessert designed for pairing with Madeira. A pinch of flaky sea salt makes it the perfect end to a long lunch.

A Pastry Chef’s Best Tips for Making a Perfect Sheet Cake

A sheet cake is an absolute party staple, but one that can be a breeze to make. Here are 6 tips from a professional pastry chef on how to bake the perfect sheet cake with ease.



这种乳脂状泡菜布丁,traditional to Parsi cuisine, gets its velvety texture from gentle, constant stirring and a careful eye on the heat; it should bubble when cooking over high heat but not come to a full boil. Sweetened condensed milk—writer Sabrina Medora’s grandmother’s riff—and a simple whole milk–and–egg mixture thicken the pudding and add a creamy, sweet flavor.


The subtle spice of Biscoff cookies helps to balance the sweetness of each decadent layer of creamy custard and fresh bananas in this tall and impressive banana pudding for a crowd. It's inspired by one made by 2019 F&W Best New Chef Kwame Onwuachi's aunt Yolanda, of Beaumont, Texas, which he tasted on a recent trip to connect with his roots in Louisiana and Texas.