Tiktok,Instagram和YouTube正在为谁开放谁评估食物的新途径 - 以及如何。

TikTok Food Critics Illustration
Credit: Miguel Ángel Camprubí

这是公平的致电视频媒体明星达纳格德威地区达娜·卡尔德威尔创造“评论”;毕竟,来自她的账户@decadent_dayne.on Instagram and TikTok, she offers a play-by-play—or, better yet, dice-by-brunoise—video analysis of the work of chefs and home cooks for nearly 700,000 small-screen viewers.


例如,当用户匿名TikTok厨师,Caldwell, via the app's split-screen feature, narrates liver being prepared to be "laid to rest in hot oil" and soaked in a red wine reduction so mesmerizing, "the vampires are shooketh." An aspiring comedian, her halting, poetic voice-overs are so entertaining, she's landed collaborations with Bombay Sapphire and Audible.


“你正在形成那些饺子,好像你正在形成粘土,”她说Tiktoker Fabrizio Villalpando的菜肴。“你从花园里取得的惊人,制作杰作,”她说他的番茄鞑靼。

Caldwell不是这种方式唯一的评判食物。Kalen Allen通过评论Twitter和Instagram上的病毒菜肴而成为Youtube-aries;他对锡鱼和“的反应”gentrified cornbread“导致他正常Ellen Degeneres表演视频阵容。

Similarly, the hashtag #italianreacts produces several timeline gems, including Vincenzo's Plate, a channel managed by a Sydney chef whose raison d'être is watching other chefs try to make cacio e pepe.


Nigel Ng, a UK-based Malaysian comedian known on YouTube as Uncle Roger, has plenty to say about how cooking competition shows misrepresent foods. His character is an affectionate send-up of every Asian dad who complains when a recipe—especially炒饭- 以不必要的方式沿着侵略。“你为什么要加水到米饭?”或者“你为什么耗尽米饭?”他喘着粗气。



Even the pros are getting into the act. Malaysian chef Sherson Lian发布了一个视频for Uncle Roger's review, while Michelin-starred chefElizabeth Haighdid a fried rice demo. Haigh's dish earned her the title "Auntie Liz" by Ng, who also approved of Haigh's use ofrice cookers



Thee Moody Foody

Fabrizio Villalpando是雇用Tiktok的二重奏功能的用户,以便与洛杉矶家庭厨师一起烹饪,他称自己为“坏男孩玛莎斯图尔特”。@themoody食品


Twitter accounts Room Rater and Bookcase Credibility emerged out of quarantine to help on-air personalities improve their Zoom backgrounds, giving new purpose for those of us now taking meetings from kitchens, bedrooms, and elsewhere at home.@ratemyskyperoom.