Make tartare for someone you really love—like yourself.

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March 16, 2021
For her Steak Tartare with Smoked Oyster Aioli, Best New Chef Kate Williams, of Lady of the House in Detroit, uses tender beef scraps rescued from butchering rib eyes.

食肉动物分为两个阵营:要么你爱生肉,要么你也不。通过原始,我的意思是原始。不稀有,或灼热,或通过Sous vide煮熟甚至一点点。正如您可能猜到的那样,我强烈地达到前订单。我几乎所有生命都吃了生牛肉,它基本上是厄立特里亚人和埃塞俄比亚的生长直立,原始牛肉是一种常见的美味,这是一个普遍的美味,无论是看起来都有Gorated的经验丰富的立方体,黄油切碎的kitfo.,或普通的锡氏思想字面上“生肉” - 寓断awaze sauce和新鲜准备的芥末。

我不孤独。切碎的生肉,国际被称为鞑靼人,是从贝鲁特的梅子桌子的贝尔,kibbeh nayyeh将羊肉,碾碎管,草药和橄榄油结合在每个主要城市的法国人中,无数卵黄浓汤牛肉和细致的牛肉泡菜每天都被烧掉了。

"Typically, this is a dish that people enjoy when dining out, but are afraid to prepare at home," says Jason Yang, head butcher at布鲁克林的粪便工艺屠夫将肉类和纽约和康涅狄格州的四家商店销售肉。自流行发育开始以来,杨说他们注意到零售品的零售请求增加,以制作鞑靼。

如果你不成长与鞑靼在家然后哟u might approach the process with some trepidation, but starting with high-quality meat is the first thing you can do to ensure success. It's best to get meat directly from a specialized butcher, not a supermarket where the risk of contamination is higher.

A butcher can also give you a better cut. Many鞑靼食谱188bet官网建议使用牛肉菲特,脂肪,结缔组织的广泛可用的柔软肌肉低,不幸的是,味道。菲尔顿也是牛上最昂贵的切割之一。杨推荐牛肉顶圆和牛肉牛腩(又称巴士塞),这是更便宜的,“由于其质地和更强大的味道而制作更好的鞑靼。”

It's important to start with a whole piece of meat rather than something ground, since "properly handled whole muscles have a much lower risk of pathogens," Yang says, and running the meat through a grinder is a potential source of contamination from other cuts. At Fleishers you can ask them to chop the meat up for you, but it's easy enough to do at home, right before you serve it.

Keep the meat cold in the fridge until you are ready to prepare it. You want about four ounces of beef per person for an appetizer and eight ounces for a meal. If this is your first time taking a knife to meat like this, you'll want to practice on a single portion or two to get the hang of it because hand-chopping even half a pound of beef can be tiresome.

牛肉里脊肉鞑靼与凤尾鱼 - cornichon醋汁食谱
Credit: Aubrie Pick

Starting with a sharp knife and impeccably clean cutting board, your goal is to cut the meat into fine, even cubes. Depending on the cut of beef, I work with about half a pound at a time, starting with long slices against the grain which I then cut into strips and then cubes, followed by another go through everything at the end to check my work, still keeping that roughly chopped texture. Take care not to over process the meat, especially when working with filet.


Most of the time, however, I season tartare with bold spices that enhance the iron-rich taste of raw meat. Kitfo, which you can find at most Ethiopian restaurants, is made by blooming mitmita (a hot chili blend), ground cardamom and black cumin in clarified butter that is then mixed with raw beef or lamb. The last time I made tartare I tossed a chopped eight ounce filet mignon with hot sesame oil, gochugaru, grated ginger, scallions, toasted sesame seeds, and soy sauce for salt, before heaping it on a bowl of sushi rice. Unfortunately, I didn't have a savory yamahai sake to pair with it at the time.