Courtesy of Talenti

They're like ready-made sundaes with generous slabs of cookie crumbles,块菌,and black cherry sauce.

Bridget Hallinan
Updated March 08,2019

Earlier this week,Talenti announced a brand new line of gelato—"Talenti Gelato Layers"—which mixes the brand's signature gelato with different kinds of toppings and sauces.The end result?Five-layeredgelatojars,which come in seven flavors: Vanilla Fudge Cookie,Salted Caramel Truffle,Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake,Black Raspberry Vanilla Parfait,Peanut Butter Vanilla Fudge,Mint Fudge Cookie,and Dark Chocolate Cherry.To break down the layer distribution for you,the Dark Chocolate Cherry Flavor has Double Dark gelato on the bottom,topped with chocolate flakes,then black cherry sauce,then more gelato,before a final layer of fudge truffles on top.So basically,thesenew gelatosare like ready-madesundaesin the freezer aisle—and I got to take a first try.

Spoiler alert: they're really good.I tried Salted Caramel Truffle and Vanilla Fudge Cookie,这两者都包括饼干块,creating a crunchy juxtaposed texture against the smooth gelato and richness of the sauces (Dulce de Leche andhot fudge,respectively).While I was initially concerned that the layers would prove to be a messy and loose scoop,on the contrary—they held together really well as I dug my spoon in.Perhaps too well,since it was admittedly difficult to get all the way to the bottom and have all five layers in one bite.But,我吃的每一口都很放纵所以,I'd just recommend scooping into a bowl separately,as opposed to eating straight out of the jar.

One of our other editors also made a good point that Talenti Layers helps break up the stagnation you can get when you're eating a homogenous pint.Instead of slowly polishing away a carton of chocolate or cookie dough during aNetflixsession,with every bite the same,each bite of Talenti Layers is different.Sometimes you might get gelato and cookie pieces;other times,gelato,broken waffle cone,and hot fudge sauce as you make your way through the jar.And,with seven flavors total,you'll have a freshlate-night snackrepertoire for a long time.

If you want to try Talenti Gelato Layers yourself,这些罐子现在已经在全国指定的杂货店推出了,所以要注意你的冰箱通道。(Jars cost $5.49 to $6.49).And in just under two weeks,Talenti is also running a temporary speakeasy (aka "Spooneasy") in New York City,where fans can try the new Layers flavors and Talenti-inspired cocktails and mocktails.The Spooneasy is open for two days only,on March 20 and 21—sign up for your free ticketshere.

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