你知道你应该是多吃蔬菜.But for most of us,很难把很多新鲜的东西放在手边而不枯萎,changing color,or otherwise morphing into something unidentifiable in our refrigerators.We've got jobs and dates and kids and life,毕竟。

Enter: the frozen vegetable.也许你有一包豌豆,用来对付不可避免的撞伤膝盖或撞伤肘部;没有什么比得上一袋豌豆作为药膏。Butfrozen vegetables也可以说是让自己吃更多农产品的银弹。他们不会很快变坏;有很多方法可以让它们变得美味可口;现在,你可以找到最奇怪的,most wondrous things covered in snow in the frozen foods section.

I reached out to Sarah Karnasiewicz,a writer,配方显影剂,and frequent contributor to《华尔街日报》,雷切尔射线,和Health.充分披露:莎拉是一个朋友,so I know that when she goes shopping,she plunks a number of frozen veggie bags in her cart.That aisle is hardly the sexiest one in a grocery store.Unless it's 90 degrees outside,我们一般不想在那里花太多时间。So what was Sarah buying,and how did she incorporate them into her (delicious) meals?以下是她关于买哪些蔬菜以及如何烹饪的专业建议。

What's your #1 go-to for frozen foods?

豌豆总是在名单上,at least two or three bags.They're something my son will eat.I do mainly use them as a not-the-main-ingredient in something.For risotto with mushrooms,I'll sometimes just throw in peas at the very end along with fresh asparagus.Same thing with pastas.我也做了一道非常好的鲜豌豆汤,里面有冷冻豌豆。只是不要煮得太久,把它们放在冷水中煮,这样它们就不会变绿。我只买婴儿冻豌豆;I'm partial to thepetite peas.They're just sweeter and less mealy,我想。冷冻豌豆很好地撑着,and there's so much you can do with them.Yesterday I hit myself in the face with a laptop—don't ask—but I was really glad to have my frozen peas.

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What else?

玉米很适合扔到杂烩里…我总是要一袋豌豆或玉米。玉米和豌豆的规律相同;buy regular or look for baby niblets or tiny,白色的,baby sweet corn.“宝贝”版本总是更好。

我总是买一些绿色的 spinachorchardor混合青菜you can buy in bags—like spinach and maybe科拉德.我总是有一些我放在汤里的绿色食物。I'm doing a stir-fry orfrittataI might throw it in… but mostly I use them for soups and stews,like a really fast红薯白豆汤.I'll add a couple handfuls of frozen greens towards the end.You can also throw some in asmoothiewithout it tasting disgusting.

我儿子很喜欢有可可粉的那种,全脂牛奶酸奶,banana,and sometimes a little maple syrup.It really tastes like bitter chocolate.如果你想喂一个孩子的话,你能吃多少蔬菜,这是一个很好的选择。在某种程度上,他就像,“不,this doesn't taste like chocolate."

有时我买冷冻的butternut squashbecause it's already peeled,chopped,当我觉得懒惰的时候,有孩子是很好的。I make a lot of soups and stews.

What's less common but a must-buy?

对于不那么日常的事情,我喜欢看就买。当地的意大利市场上有一袋剥蚕豆,which are like money in the bank.有点像豌豆,you're not seeing them fresh that much,你必须追捕他们。Favas are really laborious to cook,steam,把果核从豆荚里拿出来,然后从内核中取出精练的部分。But if you blanch the frozen ones really quickly and run them under cold water,他们太棒了。

When a one pound bag is $3.99,you're definitely gonna spend more on that at the farmers' market.我煮了它们,和他们一起做沙拉,还有芦笋、柠檬和帕尔马干酪的剃毛,真是太棒了。Sometimes you'll see them at Middle Eastern markets.还要找冰冻的鲜鹰嘴豆,我从来没见过,也不知道该怎么办。I seasoned and roasted them;they were delicious,我把它们放在沙拉上一个星期。

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有时你会在冷冻室发现有趣的东西,especially in a specialty food store.It's a good way to dip your toes into a specialty ingredient and not have to use it that day.It's lower-pressure.我在俄罗斯市场上发现了非常有趣的云莓和北欧冷冻水果。

Top find over the years?

冻结的黄秋葵.I use it to make宾迪玛萨拉,the curry.It's really good,我以前在办公室附近的印度餐馆点过一份非常舒适的食物。I don't get Indian takeout near my house,如果我渴望它,非常好,easy to make,and works totally fine.


What's your defrosting approach for frozen vegetables?

I don't defrost.I throw them in frozen.它们必须要进入已经温暖的地方。冷冻豌豆要进意大利饭了……不用煮太久。如果你在做豌豆汤,they're going into an already-warm broth.My feeling's always that you want to cook them as little as possible.把他们扔进去,让它们不再冷冻,然后吃。I'm not roasting them.


I haven't had great success with cauliflower.I've bought it a few times and don't really know what to do with it.I like roasted cauliflower.我能够做个清汤之类的,这可能是最好的办法。我对此很好奇。我不买球芽甘蓝。You can almost always buy those fresh,我觉得他们更好。

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我认为这完全取决于你如何烹饪它们。I think you have to be mindful of what will play up their strengths and weaknesses.你不是在找脆蔬菜。

Any tips for re-heating greens?I tend to defrost my spinach first and squeeze out excess water.




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