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From the moment we set foot in the 1917 colonial home in Florence, Alabama, we knew it was the perfect home for us. Except I had a problem with one thing: the kitchen sink. It's a minor detail, for sure — but as someone who's constantly in the kitchen (and the chief dish washer, I might add), having a sink that was exceptionally functional and also pretty was important to me.


我们开始环顾四周,并完全不堪重负。在Lowes.com上搜索“UnderMount Kitchen Sounds”,收益超过4,000个结果。而不是通过方式筛选太多的选择,而无需许多我们所需要的,而不是我们所需要的,而是我认为我至少要尝试*清洁当前的水槽,看看它是否是挽其来的。说实话,我不认为是 - 但如果我努力进入它,我至少可以说我试图拯救它。

washing the sink

First, I started with baking soda and water, then moved to baking soda and vinegar, using a rough scrubbing pad that wouldn't scratch. I wanted to start gentle, and without chemicals, to avoid damaging the material, which I discovered after looking under the sink was something calledSilgranit- Blanco制造的专利花岗岩复合材料。我终止了Blanco的网站,并了解到他们建议小苏打和水去除磨碎的痕迹,但我们的水槽中的垃圾不会与这个组合有任何地方。

Next, I broke out a Magic Eraser, and also recommended by Blanco. It broke down the eraser but not the stains. A bottle ofgranite and stone cleaner我也在巨大的目标清洁产品中拿起,Haul也是无效的。


我的伟大的苏rprise, the spots where the bleach had been were lighter! The sink was beginning to look white again, though it still needed a little work. Blanco's website said a mixture of bleach and water could be used to lighten food stains on Silgranit sinks — and to clean with a little dish detergent afterward. Following this method definitely improved the look of the sink, but it still wasn't sparkling.



Then I eyed my can of Bon Ami, which my Southern in-laws had introduced me to when we lived with them for a few months while searching for a house during the pandemic. I sprinkled it all over the sink and let it sit for about 20 minutes, then came back armed with a freshscour pad。I started making little circles with it in a corner of the sink at first to ensure it wasn't going to harm the material. To my great surprise, it was working! The final stains were coming off — and the sink was actually beginning to sparkle. After a few more minutes of work, I stepped back to admire my work. I'd managed to not only salvage our sink, but leave it looking nearly brand new.

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现在,这完全是关于维护。当我设置一个不锈钢平底锅或锅中时,硅砾水槽很容易脱落,如果我从烤宽面条晚上冲洗一道菜,我可以依靠不得不重复一个打火机版本的Bon Ami常规来摆脱番茄酱污渍。我很高兴我们有一个带有可伸缩喷头的水龙头,因为我依靠在每次使用后都会在水槽中冲出水槽,以防止进一步染色。

If you're thinking of swapping out an old sink because it looks dingy beyond repair, give it one last whirl before heading to Lowe's. Here's what to try, based on your sink material:


While a beautiful material, especially for farmhouse sinks, porcelain is a little high-maintenance. Things like bleach, chemical cleaners and abrasive solutions can all start to erode a porcelain finish, so tackle stains with just dishwashing liquid first, then move on to a paste of baking soda and water if needed, according to experts at迈德克。一种名为Fireclay的类似物料有点耐用,但您仍应使用相同的仔细清洁方法。极端污渍可以用50-50个水和漂白剂处理。


您可以在此处使用温和的磨蚀性清洁剂,例如酒吧守护者朋友— but do so sparingly, as stainless is prone to scratching that can lead your sink to look dull over time. MaidPro experts recommend using a soft rag rather than a scratchy pad to clean stainless sinks.


由铜制成的水槽可以是厨房的真正展示,并具有自然抗微生物的额外好处 - 但它们也有缺点,特别是在清洁时。铜可以容易地被任何酸性损坏,包括食物(如西红柿或柠檬)以及清洁剂,因此您必须在与水槽中的这些物品一起使用时不断运行水。仅使用PH中性洗碗肥皂和软布清洁,建议Maidpro。




Though these sinks are usually sealed, they require quite decent maintenance to keep them in good shape, as they can stain and streak rather easily (as I've learned!). Avoid any abrasive cleaners and never let acidic foods sit on the sink's surface. MaidPro recommends applying a dab of mineral oil every so often to protect against water stains. Granite composite (like my Silgranit sink) is slightly more durable and can handle cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda, as well as watered-down bleach for tough stains.