Jewel Changi Aiport Devt.

On April 17,the airport will glitter even more with the opening of a new area simply called "Jewel."

Cailey Rizzo
Updated March 08,2019

Changi Airport is perhaps the世界上最著名的.Its butterfly garden,movie theater and swimming pool make it the layover of dreams.And on April 17,the airport will glitter even more with the opening of a new area simply called "Jewel."

Jewel Changi Airportwill be a 10-story attraction complete with hotel,more than 280 shops and the world's largest indoor waterfall.

From preview materials,Jewel looks like it will be an oasis in the middle of a transportation hub.It will feature an indoor forest,complete with elevated bridges and walkways,an inventive playground (for kids and adults) and a garden with one of the largest indoor collections of plants inSingapore.

If the idea of getting lost in an airport doesn't terrify you,you can wander through the Jewel's hedge and mirror mazes or stand near the 130-foot-tall indoor waterfall (with light show) called Rain Vortex.The entire complex is built to mimic nature and create a sense of calm during busy 金博宝网址开户travel days.

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Nobody will really 金博宝网址开户travel through the Jewel.Instead of being a terminal,it's more of a "connection" area for 金博宝网址开户travelers,accessible from terminals 1,2 and 3.

The 130-roomYOTELAIRhotel will allow 金博宝网址开户travelers to check in early for their flights and store their bags in order to fully enjoy the complex.Passengers will be able to stop in one of the 280 shops and restaurants that populate the Jewel.The complex will house shops like Marks & Spencer,Muji,Zara,Uniqlo and the largest Nike store in Southeast Asia,according toBusiness Insider.

"I must confess that before I visited the Jewel in early February this year,I had my doubts about the need for yet another shopping area at Changi Airport,given the shopping opportunities already available at the existing terminals," Sitoh Yih Pin,chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Transport,toldThe 海峡时报."Instead,what I found was a beautifully designed garden concept recreational centre which complements the existing airport and exemplifies our position as a garden city."

尽管珠宝要到4月17日才会对游客开放,金博宝网址开户those who are interested in visiting can get in early.The area will be open to the public from April 11 through 16 for public visits.The airport is making 500,000 free tickets available for visitors at this time.In order to get access to the preview,just register online.

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