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Julia Glum
July 16,2018

If you celebrateNational Ice Cream Dayand don't Instagram your cone,你真的吃了吗?This Sunday,look no further for a photogenic scoop than America's hottest — or,rather,味道最凉爽的

According to data from financial transaction companySquare,which looked at sales from roughly 10,000 ice-cream shops,the fastest-growing ice cream flavor in 2018 is"unicorn."The mythological creature is exploding in popularity,inspiring a wide variety of ice cream 188bet官网recipesLisa Frankwould love.Order a unicorn scoop,and you'll receive any combination of bright rainbow colors,sprinkle swirls,edible glitter,frozen frosting and fondant horns.

Plus,你会很时髦的:一月到六月,独角兽冰淇淋的销量增长了191%,making it the trendiest flavor in the country according to Square.UnicornFrappuccinos,,lattes,,cakesandbagels上赛季也是如此。

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For Sunday's National Ice Cream Day,你可以在Target,which sells a super-sweet version featuring"a sour blue raspberry swirl,frosting swirl and glitter candy bits,""according to BuzzFeed.

Or check out Taiyaki NYC,which流行糖报道offers a strawberry-vanilla soft serve iteration with glittery sprinkles and unicorn ears in a fish-shaped cone.

Don't like dairy?Try the vegan Unicorn Magic flavor atCocobella Creameryin Los Angeles,which the menu describes as"pink vanilla with marshmallows,[gluten-free] animal crackers and sprinkles.""


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No matter which unicorn creation is your favorite,make sure you shop for it early — if you're located in Oregon or Montana,you may have some competition at the local ice cream parlor.People in those states eat the most ice cream out of anyone else in the country,according to a Square analysis that adjusted for population.(Nationally,the average American familyspendsabout $54 on ice cream every year.)

You may think of ice cream as a cool-down treat designed for people in hot places like Hawaii or California,but several of the top consumers are states with chilly climates.Maine,例如,位居第三,followed by Massachusetts and Washington.Connecticut,Colorado and Alaska also appear on the delicious list.

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